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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a watermark?
Watermarks, the types created here, are visible marks that are placed on top of an existing image. Watermarks are generally used to make it more difficult for people to steal images without giving proper credit. With a watermark on your images, you are protecting your images from use without your permission. Even if somebody copies the image without your permission, the image will have the watermark on it letting people know that you created it.
What types of files can I upload?
.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .bmp are currently the only file types accepted. Also, note that transparent images will be converted to non-transparent images.
Why make a Web tool that creates watermarks?
For people with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other advanced graphical software, applying watermarks isn't very difficult. However, many people don't have these kinds of tools, which means that their images can't be photoshopped without more advanced computer knowledge and extra hassle. With this website, anybody can apply personalized watermarks quickly and without needing to know anything about graphic manipulating software. Even people with advanced graphical know-how will probably find that this site's process to be a quicker and easier solution than opening Photoshop and creating a watermark from scratch.
Do I have to register?
Nope. There is no registration or signing up required. WMT Plus! does require you to register and pay a monthly fee, but you only need to do that if you need some of the extra features WMT Plus! provides.
What is WMT Plus!
WMT Plus! is Watermark Tool but with some extra features (like an increased file size limit and the ability to download your images in a zip file). For more information, please check out the features page.
Can Watermark Tool host my images?
Sorry, no. This site is not for storing your images. Image hosts suck up a lot of bandwidth, and as such, can be expensive to run. Images here are deleted frequently and the site prevents hotlinking images uploaded here. This helps keep the site free for everybody. However, WMT Plus! members do have the ability to save certain images they've uploaded for use in future watermarks.
Any planned additions to the site?
Of course! WMT Plus! is a recent addition to the site that brought with it many new features. There's actually still quite a few things that I have on my list of "things to do" for this site.